Sports Injury Program

Sports Injury

Skeletal Posture

Effective treatments for sports injuries

Athletes of all ages and types come to us when they are injured. Whether they are casual weekend warriors or competitive triathletes, they all want to get out of pain and back to competition as quickly and safely as possible. At Neil King Physical Therapy, we offer several decades of combined physical therapy and personal athletic experience to help your patients get back in the game. Our programs include the following:

Sports rehabilitation and injury prevention

Sport-specific exercises and functional training are all part of the athlete’s plan of care. Our therapists’ goal is to facilitate early return to sports participation after all kinds of musculoskeletal sports injuries. We work closely with school athletic trainers, when needed, to determine goals and provide consistent care. Athletes return to their game with greater knowledge of their injury and a plan for future injury prevention.

Orthopedic manual physical therapy (OMPT)

We evaluate and treat postsurgical and nonsurgical orthopedic injuries using orthopedic manual physical therapy techniques (OMPT) to restore movement and function to bones, joints, ligaments and muscles. Our emphasis with OMPT is joint mobilization and manipulations to improve range of motion and relieve pain. OMPT is targeted for the general orthopedic population, back pain, neck pain, postsurgical management, TMJ disorders, and sport-specific injuries. Moreover, our therapists hold advanced certifications in orthopedic manual physical therapy.

We help patients after knee replacement, arthroscopic surgery for ACL repairs, meniscal issues, cervical back pain, thoracic spine problems, rib dysfunction, and lumbosacral dysfunction. And we assess and treat people with headaches and those who have undergone postoperative cervical or lumbar fusions.

Hands-on therapies from a sports physical therapist

Our therapists are also trained in many different hands-on therapies such as massage therapy, joint and soft-tissue mobilization, Rolfing® from a certiied Rolfer, neuromuscular re-education and myofascial release. We complement these hands-on therapies with various traditional modalities and therapeutic exercise programs.

At Neil King Physical Therapy, we believe in each individual’s potential to take charge of their health. Through gentle care and education, our top-notch therapists guide patients through the pain and disability of sports injuries, restore their health, and optimize their potential to play and function better. We teach them how to cope with the sports injury of today. More importantly, we teach them how to prevent sports injuries tomorrow.

Learn more about our sports injury treatment program with one of our OMPT specialists by calling for a free consultation at 844.275.9847 or fill out our Online Request Form to make an appointment. Learn firsthand why we are the doctor’s choice for pain relief. We treat patients from the surrounding areas of Oakland County, Macomb County, and Wayne County.